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MCS Success with August VAS, "I stayed until the last note was played."

On August 30th, the Visiting Artist Series (VAS) + Millennium Chamber Symphony performed at Mt. Sinai, Downtown Union Station, at the Louis Armstrong Atrium.

Performers Sonna Kim (cello) and Anna Maria Manalo (piano) presented a program of JS Bach's "Sonata for Viola de Gamba in D Major,' Beethoven's "Sonata No. 3 in A Major," and Debussy's "Sonata."

In attendance were patients and staff of the Mt. Sinai community. A particularly memorable attendee was a woman at Mt. Sinai who was to receive an MRI. This patient is a producer in L.A. and composer of film music. She appreciated the 'classical' repertoire and stayed until the last note was played. The staff and patients shared their gratitude for the live music.

MCS Performers:

Sonna Kim, cello

Anna Maria Manalo, piano

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