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our mission

Millennium Chamber Players (MCP) is a professional, artist-run ensemble that leverages music to create lasting, positive change in New York City and beyond.


Through a combination of world-class performances, youth mentoring, and targeted community outreach, Millennium Chamber Players uses the power of their music to bring joy, hope, and opportunity to those they entertain and serve.

In the midst of one of the world's greatest mega-cities where people can easily be lost in the crowd, MCP offers a unique hub for a musical community that would otherwise be disconnected. The group aims to transform fascination into passion, curiosity into confidence, and knowledge into ambition, for its musicians and audiences alike.

That said, Millennium Chamber Players is not a music organization.


No, at its core, MCP is a service organization. An organization dedicated to improving the lives of others. An organization dedicated to building a better world for those around us.


Music just happens to be our tool of choice...

Because to create powerful change, you need a powerful tool. A tool that can just as easily create smiles and elicit memories as it can ease pain and improve cognitive abilities.


Music is much more than the friction of a bow against strings or fingers gracing ivory. It's a tool that can drive lasting, positive impact on the the world around us.

It's the tool Millennium Chamber Players uses to serve.

MCS Performance_Jan 2020
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