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How we serve

Free Public Performances

To share the gift of  world-class music with those that might otherwise be unable to afford tickets, MCP puts on a series of free performances throughout the year.

For 2018, our marquee performance is titled "Lenny @ 100".


Lenny @ 100 is the worldwide celebration of the 100th birthday of Leonard Bernstein, the composer, conductor, educator, musician, cultural ambassador, and humanitarian.

As part of the Leonard Bernstein at 100 exhibition at The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, curated by the GRAMMY Museum® in collaboration and the Bernstein Family, MCP has the distinguished honor of playing a role in this celebration, hosting a special free public performance through Lincoln Center in March.

Young Artists Mentorship Program (YAM)

Countless studies have shown the benefits that playing a musical instrument can have on a child, including improved cognitive abilities, increased language skills, better memory, and enhanced reflexes, to name a few.

However with continued cuts to arts programs across the country, it has become exceedingly difficult for kids and young adults to find the support they need to nurture their music abilities.

Millennium Chamber Players aims to fix this problem for New York City youth through their "Young Artists Initiative." Pairing each child with a musical mentor from MCP, the Young Artists Initiative provides young musicians across the city with the guidance, instruction and support they so desperately need.

Music & Healing - Senior Wellness Program

Music's power to aid in healing and recovery has long been touted, with references to musical therapy in medical journals dating as far back as the late 1700's.

More recently, scientific studies have backed up these claims. In fact, a major 2015 USC study showed that music was associated with a 20% reduction in postoperative pain, a 10% reduction in anxiety and depression, and a significant reduction in the use of pain medication.

To help ensure this healing power reaches as many individuals as possible, Millennium Chamber Players runs a program titled "Music & Healing", which brings the gift of music to critical care patients at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital through monthly performances.

For as long as humans have formed communities, the role of
elders has been incredibly important.


Unfortunately in recent years, we have seen this role diminish, and
have watched senior citizens become one of the most underserved communities in our society.


MCP aims to reverse this trend through their "Senior Wellness
Program." Through regular music lessons, performances and more at Senior Centers and Assisted Living Facilities, MCP brings joy,
accomplishment, and dignity to a group that deserves it now more
than ever.

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