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Sharing Music | March 2020 Update

Hello from the Millennium Chamber Symphony! This month Alex and Anna are out sharing the gift of music with New York City, Denver, and the world.

MCS will be performing next month on April 4th at the Third Street Music School settlement. The program features Americana music to celebrate the school’s 125th anniversary with its founder and women’s centennial. The performance will include a string quintet, a mezzo-soprano vocalist, piano, and drums/percussion. Additionally there will be dialogue commentary narrating throughout the program.

Pieces to include: 1) Aaron Copland: Hoe Down from the ballet suite, Rodeo 2) Leonard Bernstein: West Side Story Medley + Mambo 3) Consuelo Velazquez: Besame mucho 4) Duke Ellington: Purple Gazelle

To support the continuation of these important and influential efforts from Millennium Chamber Symphony, please consider making a donation today. Thank you for supporting the healing work of music and the arts.

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